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"Hi Pam! I am one of the nurse practitioners that works for David. I know the wellness day you put on for us at YNHHTC was a while ago but wanted to give you feedback. You talked about yoga and bad posture at work. I had surgery almost a year ago and my body still has not been right! I started doing yoga in the mornings before work and incorporated some of the stretches you showed us and am feeling better mind and body! It's a late thank you but wanted to let you know it was helpful! Have a great day and God bless"

"Thanks again for bringing this class to staff! I’m not an RN, but work on an inpatient unit…your comment about walking in and feeling the “chaos” was so true! I support the unit nurse manager and have other duties! My office is right on an inpatient unit and I certainly hear/feel the “chaos” daily and feel the stress. I really appreciate this opportunity to learn yoga and a new technique to relieve stress and strengthen my body at the same time! "

"I have found yoga to be beneficial for both my mind & body. I have seen a tremendous result with increased flexibility, adjunct to physical therapy, pain relief and increased strength."

"This is the Very Best employee activity Mayo has offered in the 14 years I have worked here!
Thanks again for the wonderful yoga class."


"I had never taken a yoga class before this pilot program came to Mayo. I knew yoga had benefits but didn't realize how many. I am currently working on a big project at work. I'm not completely stressing out like I have during past projects. My mental focus and clarity have increased. I have even reached my goal weight after my weight loss had stalled for several months. "

"I have been having pain in my right leg and thus unable to fully extend it for some of the poses. I attended your class where you used the tables against the wall for poses to do at our desks. I'm not sure if it was the stretching or what we did but my leg feels better than it's felt in a long time.


"I just wanted to thank you for holding this class; I have been with PCH for just over a year and have not taken any classes but I am extremely grateful for this one! Just from last week alone, I am having a more positive outlook on everything and it has come in handy. With our department moving locations, a couple of us have been very tense so any and all information that I can get from our lovely teacher is highly appreciated. I would love to be able to bring that positivity back to our department.
Thank you again!"

Christina Kyman
Managed Care Services Coordinator
Phoenix Children’s Managed Care



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